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A Scenic Adventure: My Bike Trip to Malvan

Updated: Sep 10, 2023

There's something about the thrill of the open road that beckons to the adventurer in all of us. My recent bike trip to Malvan was just that - a thrilling adventure filled with picturesque landscapes, historic forts, and unexpected surprises. Join me as I take you through the highlights of this unforgettable journey that we undertook back in May 2022 ( yes it took time to pen this down )

Tarkali -Malvan

Preparations and the Journey's Commencement

I kicked off my bike trip from Panarim, Aldona, at the crack of dawn, with a well-serviced bike and a sense of excitement in the air. Though we were ready by 8AM, but we hit the road only 8:30 AM. While there was an option to take the coastal interior road via Arambol/Querim, we decided against it, knowing that the winding paths would slow us down. Our chosen route was NH66, a 98-kilometer journey that promised an approximate travel time of 2 hours and 17 minutes without any pit stops. We made a quick stop in Mapusa to renew the PUC of my bike ensured we were ready to hit the highway.

The Biker Boys

The Scenic Beauty of Goa

The early morning ride through Goa's roads was a delight, despite the ongoing construction work. The ride was enchanting. Crossing the Goa border, we found ourselves on the well-maintained roads of Maharashtra, where every twist and turn seemed to unveil a new picturesque vista.

The Scorching Heat

The Karli Bridge Pit Stop

Our first pit stop came at the Karli bridge which is build on the Karli River. Here, we took a moment to hydrate ourselves under the warm sun and capture the stunning surroundings in our cameras. A tire check was essential before continuing. Though Malvan was just 30 minutes away, the internal roads added an extra 15 minutes to our journey.

Arrival at Malvan Beach

We reached Malvan Beach around 11 AM, greeted by the relentless heat and humidity of May. After some snacks and refreshments, we prepared to explore the historical gem that awaited us - Sindhudurg Fort.

Malvan Beach

Sindhudurg Fort: A Walk Through History

A historical marvel built by the legendary Shivaji, Sindhudurg Fort stands proudly along the shore of Malvan town. It was strategically constructed to counter foreign influences and Siddhis of Janjira. The fort's exploration requires a good 3-4 hours, and the unforgiving sun calls for sunglasses, hats, and plenty of water. While guides are available, self-exploration allows for a more personal connection with the fort's history. The fort closes at 5 PM.

Sindhudurgh Fort

The Quest for Scuba Diving

From the past back to the present. Back at Malvan Beach, my adventurous spirit led me to inquire about scuba diving. I found operators who agreed to take me on the underwater adventure, but the looming monsoons posed a challenge. After checking Tarkali, we returned to Malvan and secured a great deal at just 700 rupees. However, I had to wait for the operators to fill their quota before we could set off.

An Unforgettable Dive

The dive site was located near the fort, in waters that were supposedly shallow and crystal clear. Despite slightly outdated equipment, the experience was exhilarating. The impending storm made the water less clear, but it added an extra layer of adventure to the trip. All activities, including scuba and fort visits, end before sunset.

The Dive

A Well-Deserved Feast

With hunger pangs after the dive, I indulged in a delectable Malvani Fish Thali and a chilled beer at a nearby restaurant that was the perfect conclusion to a day filled with adventure.

Homeward Bound

As the day drew to a close, we all left with beautiful memories etched in our minds. We departed Malvan around 7 PM, reaching home by 10 PM, tired but content.


My bike trip to Malvan was a perfect blend of adventure, history, and natural beauty. It's a journey that I'll cherish for years to come, reminding me of the allure of the open road and the surprises it has in store for those willing to explore.

Happy Faces

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